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PHP Not Working - Please Help

PostPosted: 09. February 2007 00:17
by jong123
I have installed XAMPP on my machine (Windows XP), Apache is up and running, but the PHP interpreter is not working. I have written a few small PHP scripts and html pages with PHP in them, but none of them are working as intended. I rechecked the code and its identical to the code in the book. I am a newbie to coding. The localhost status page shows PHP as being "Activated".

Can someone please suggest a possible reason for this problem and how I might resolve it?


PostPosted: 09. February 2007 00:23
by Wiedmann
but the PHP interpreter is not working.

You can't see the XAMPP demopages?

PostPosted: 09. February 2007 00:32
by tsairox
Make sure that whatever scripts you are writing get saved inside the htdocs folder. Otherwise you will not be able to run them in XAMPP. You can even open the folder from Apachefriends