In phpmyadmin, there is no creat button

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In phpmyadmin, there is no creat button

Postby volans » 02. February 2007 00:38

In phpmyadmin, there is no creat button alongside the creat new data base. Instead there is a portion of, what looks like, html (or possibly java script). I have uninstalled/reinstalled xampp lite, self install etc 5 times now with the same result, so I am assuming there may be a problem with the browser (int. explorer 6). It's got me beaten :x . Any ideas anyone? please?
P.S. I seem to have posted this in the German language section by accident - apologies!
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Postby Dave_L » 05. February 2007 02:03

I don't recall seeing that problem before. I looked at the page source, and it appears to be a simple HTML form button.

By the way, phpMyAdmin is a standalone web application. If you suspect phpMyAdmin is messed up, you can simply get a fresh copy from and extract it into the phpmyadmin subdirectory. But first make a backup copy of that directory as a precaution.
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