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Problems using XAMPP Control Panel

PostPosted: 28. January 2007 22:45
by mark_l_sanders
I've installed XAMPP loads of times on various Windows flavors and Linux distros. Always managed a succesfull install.

But I very often come across one problem: can't stop services (mainly Apache and MySQL) from the XAMPP Control Panel: instead I get 'Busy, Error: -1'.

This happens really a lot; anyone know why it might be?

One other thing: the XAMPP control panel includes a Settings button; when you click it takes you to 'Service Settings' which includes a check box for 'Enable the XAMPP Service'. If I check it, it's unchecked the next time I look.

What is the XAMPP Service? Anything to do with my question above?



PostPosted: 28. January 2007 23:17
by AOD
What windows operating system?

PostPosted: 29. January 2007 11:04
by mark_l_sanders
Vista at the moment, but mostly on XP Pro... (with all the SPs etc)

Apache stop start

PostPosted: 23. February 2007 19:21
by strongjava
I had a same problem with XAMPP tool GUI, when i like to stop apache service donĀ“stop

somebody have an idea ?