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Need help configuring the server

PostPosted: 28. January 2007 07:33
by adrenalin85
Hi, I just installed XAMPP and I need help with some information on how to setup multiple websites and direct my domain to them. I am very new to this so hopefully someone can explaine it in simple words on what I have to do.

Also the website was in English and the forum seems to be in a different language, unfortunately I do not speak this language so could someone help me out in English?

Well I am awaiting your help, thanks in advance.


PostPosted: 29. January 2007 11:54
by Heart.O.Gold
Hey, I haven't set up xampp to publish my html pages on the internet but i have it working on my intranet.

Firstly; is your IP static or dynamic?
Have you registered an account with a hosting website?

If you want to redirect websites there is a service called webhop on