Apache very slow on high latency wan links

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Apache very slow on high latency wan links

Postby artidens » 23. January 2007 09:51

Downloading from an Apache webserver is about 4-5 times slower than downloading from an IIS box sitting right next to it. Apparently the default TCP send buffer for Apache is 4096 bytes. I want to increase that value so I'm using the SendBufferSize directive. I have tried setting it to 65535, 32768, and 0 (which should use the system value). So far, no matter what I use for the SendBufferSize value, Apache always seems to use a value of 4096 bytes anyway.

I have been struggling with this for some time now and can't get it to work. This bug has existed Apache 2.0.xx. Any ideas are highly appreciated! Thank you.
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