Where is the PHP compiler?

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Where is the PHP compiler?

Postby ellieod64 » 22. January 2007 04:58


Turns out I did not change the root username at all, I was just typing in the wrong username on the phpmyadmin screen!

Anyway, I finally got into phpmyadmin, where I thought the PHP compiler would reside, but it turns out phpmyadmin is only for MySQL database administration.

Where is the PHP compiler? I am totally new to server-side programming (I'm currently a COBOL/DB2 programmer who is "switching" to web programming) and am starting a PHP class tomorrow. I googled "php compilers" and as expected there were many out there to choose from, but I just assumed that XAMPP would contain one, and now it doesn't.


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Postby Dave_L » 23. January 2007 02:17

I'm guessing you want to change the PHP configuration settings.

The config file is named php.ini. XAMPP may have more than one, to support switching between PHP 4 and 5.

From the phpmyadmin entry page, click the "Show PHP information" link. That will display the current PHP config settings, including the path to the active php.ini file: "Configuration File (php.ini) Path"; that setting should be near the top.


PHP is usually considered to be an interpreter, rather than a compiler, since it executes the source code without the intermediate step of creating object files.


On re-reading your post, maybe what you're asking is how to run PHP scripts? To do that, you would place your PHP script within the web root directory and browse to the script. The web root directory should be the "htdocs" subdirectory in the XAMPP installation directory. There should be some sample and utility PHP scripts there.
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