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Postby grayson9 » 22. January 2007 01:03

Ok I realise that i am the least knowledgable person on this forum :?:
but now i have been instucted that i should change my router settings. I have never touched my router or any router in my life any more than plugging it in and watching the lights start to flicker.
My fire wall is of and now i have to change my router settings (but how?)
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Postby jens_k » 22. January 2007 21:36

Hi grayson 9,

What do you want to realize? The access from clients in the internet to your server running xampp on it? What kind of access you want to implement? what kind (brand and model) of router you own?

I know these are many questions without an answer for you but with the answers of these questions it would be more realistic to support you.

Best regards,
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