Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

Postby rtrev64 » 21. January 2007 19:35

I have downloaded and installed the xampp for windows control panel and my apache shows it is running but turn off the others, I was told the others I did not need and would take up much memory.

I was also told that with this xampp for windows installed I would no longer have fsockopen issues because I would be a server/host for my own url and no longer would need to pay anyone 10 bucks a month for my url I have now..


question is, how and where do I begin to impliment these changes?
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Postby kkillgasmm » 21. January 2007 21:17

xampp only runs a server to let you test scripts on your own machine, you cant use it to run your own website on for others to view.

well, as far as i know anyway...
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Postby rtrev64 » 21. January 2007 22:20

ok, maybe I am misuderstanding everything about becoming a server/host.. Are there more apps to DL to make it so?

runs a server...what server would that be or can it be?

What got me here in the 1st place is I have a phpbb http://www.roberttrevino.com/footballroom/index.php - messageboard. to enter the board use info provided:username-tester, password:tester.

I installed an online radio ie-shoutcast radio and got it streaming. I wanted to install a mod for the messageboard. This mod would have a banner like box and I would of course put in info and graphics.

What this mod thing does is displays what song is playing and who the broadcaster is and other info, I installed it and followed directions which is installed in my directory so that is not the problem, the problem is this error:

### SC MOD ###
Warning: fsockopen(): unable to connect to in /home/rtrev64/public_html/footballroom/includes/shoutcast_class.php on line 48
### SC MOD ###

That fsockopen is the issue and why i was directed this way and to install the xamp and that would solve the issue then I was told I could host my own site and not pay someone else to host it..

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