XAMPP's MySQL Cluster Support Installed?

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XAMPP's MySQL Cluster Support Installed?

Postby XanaduRanch » 20. January 2007 01:31

Great program XAMPP! Thanks to all who provide it.

I want to attempt using MySQL's Cluster features on Windows servers I have setup using XAMPP. It seems the standard XAMPP install adds the mysql-max binary. But I can't locate the NDB management files.

MySQL says these are included in the MySQL binary. But I'd prefer not to try and download all that and rebuild/reinstall MySQL independent of XAMPP just to get these few files and continue with my tryout.

Does anyone know if the XAMPP MySQL install was complied with all the files needed for this or where they are? Would I just add the missing ones, or do I have to reinstall MySQL for this?

Any direction would be appreciated before I go through a lot of work possibly for nothing. Thanks!
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