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publishing url on the web

Postby grayson9 » 19. January 2007 03:39

Ok before you say anything i know that you have been asked this question many times prior to my post, and your answer is normally "look back through the previous post which are to say somewhat cryptic at best when searching for a topic esspeccialy for a freshy like me.
I spent half a day looking and always ended up on the German side, which i must say is very imformative!
Ok to my question,
I have xammp running perfectly as simply http://localhost.mysite/
wonderfull and i can do all the fine tuning to my website but now i want to publish it on the web.
I have my dns pointing to my ip (i hopei am using the correct number sequence)
But i cant for the life of me work out where to place my domain name in htdocs and look at my site on the internet.
Please help this little NewZealander stuck in Japan on a Japanese speaking computer )hahaha) :lol:
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Postby xnemesis » 19. January 2007 04:23

Right a few things you need to sort out.

Your domain is required to point to your public IP. Not your private one (192.*) You can do a quick google on public IP and many sites will return this for you. You also need to make sure your router, firewall and any inbetween you and the internet software and hardware allow connections on port 80. Once this is done, it should work. In regards to the config file you should not have to alter this, aslong as it is set to your directory (e.g. .../htdocs).

Hope this helps
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