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Config questions

Postby C1ay » 17. January 2007 06:21

On Windows 2K Pro I have installed:

XAMPP 1.5.5
MySQL GUI Tools 5.0 r8
MySQL Connector ODBC 3.51.12

The XAMPP installation seems to be working fine. I have an XAMPP welcome page at http://localhost and the status page indicates MySQL, PHP, HTTPS, CGI and SSI are all activated. On the command line mysqladmin lists databases information_schema, cdcol, mysql, phpadmin, test and webauth.

The XAMPP control panel opens WinMySQLAdmin 1.4. It correctly lists my environment information but says in MyODBC, "Not Found", even though I have installed the ODBC driver and successfullly setup both a user and a system DSN and tested them with MS Excel. How can I get WinMySQLAdmin working?

The other issue is mostly an annoyance. When I open MySQL Administrator in the GUI tools set it gives an error that either the server service or configuration file could not be found. Then it connects and gives me a correct display of schemata in the catalog. Does anyone know how I can get it to not give me this error everytime?
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Postby pinocchio_j » 17. March 2007 12:16

I had same problem and got the solution. XAMPP installs MySQL under the folder "Program Files" and that causes the problem. In my case, MySQL Administrator couldn't find mysqld.exe, because of the space between "Program" and "Files".

1. Start "MySQL Tray Monitor" form Start menu. It'll show up in the task tray.
2. Open "Configure Instance" - "Service Control" - "Configure Service"
3. "Path to binary" at the bottom of the window, set the path to your mysqld.exe.
4. Start MySQL Administrator.

Hope this will work for you.
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