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Apache crash when running php script

PostPosted: 16. January 2007 06:51
by gunblade83
Hi, i'm having problem with apache.

I installed from XAMPP 1.5.5 with Apache 2.2.3 and PHP 5.2.0
I'm able to launch the apache and php, able to login to localhost.

but when i tried to load a page like index.php, the apache crached and need to be close. Got error report:

AppName: apache.exe AppVer: ModName: php5ts.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0009358c

I've read through the forum and some saying need to rename the php5apache2_2.dll to php5apache2.dll. Did that but still the same.

any advise?

PostPosted: 19. January 2007 04:26
by xnemesis
My advice here is to post on apache's website as apache gives you the error not xampp.