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Postby Jackie11 » 13. January 2007 19:25

I know a lot of you are going to get really fed up when I post this for asking really really stupid questions but I have been trying to set this up for two full days and am ready to scream!!!!

I'll start at the beginning, I am a complete novice and am currently learning PHP & mysql and in order to test/host locally I have downloaded XAMPP, I have installed everything ok (I think!) but I not sure where to upload my pages to in order to test them on the web browser. The book has told be to save them and edit them in the root directory but I'm not sure where it is.

When I go into browser I type in I get the welcome page

I upload files to the htdocs folder and went to but it cant be found

I have searched the forum posts but can find any body as stupid as me that has asked such a simply question so please please please help!!!!

Could you make your answers as basic as possible as I am also 37 week pregnant and I really do believe that pregnancy has made me complete stupid

Thanking you all in advance

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Postby Wiedmann » 13. January 2007 22:58

I upload files to the htdocs folder and went to but it cant be found

With this URI Apache is searching for the file "\xampp\htdocs\xampp\htdoc.index.html" on your harddisk. You have this file?
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Postby Izzy » 14. January 2007 00:44

jackie11 wrote:When I go into browser I type in I get the welcome page

I upload files to the htdocs folder and went to but it cant be found

Your typed in address is correct to get the XAMPP welcome page:

but the address for your other file is not - try:
if your index.html (or is it called htdoc.index.html?) is in the htdocs directory.
If it is called htdoc.index.html then you would simply type:
Note - you should rename the file to index.html not htdoc.index.html or things could get complicated later.

If you want to access your site by simply typing: or http://localhost (which is the same thing)
then you should delete the file index.php in the htdocs directory and replace it with the index.html file of the site you are trying to access.

After deleting the index.php file and if you want to access the XAMPP Welcome Page you would need to type:
http://localhost/xampp/ (

I have already explained this a couple of times before but they may be hard to find from a forum search.

I used htdocs as my Search for Keywords
I also used Izzy in Search for Author because I know that I had some posts relating to this issue.
From the Search Options I selected:-
Forum: XAMPP for Windows
Category: Apache Friends in English ... 1138#91138 ... 1490#91490 ... 1221#91221

Everybody at one time was a new user (novice) so don't despair, stay cool and good luck with your pregnancy. :)
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I'm a novice, too!

Postby ellieod64 » 22. January 2007 02:46

Hi Jackie,

Don't feel bad, I'm a novice, too. I just XAMPP tonite for a PHP class that starts tomorrow. At first I was terrified, but then the installation and setup went smoothly and I felt better. Then, I made the mistake of closing the little control panel window and I can't get it back on my screen for anything. I am so frustrated I closed out of XAMPP altogether!

I changed my root password for MySQL but I did something wrong because I cannot access PHPmyadmin now. It's saying the password is wrong. I changed the username from "root" to something else. Was I not supposed to do this?

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Postby ArborBarber » 23. January 2007 19:35

Did you try to reset your user name back to root? Also. post a new topic with your one might see it sitting here in someone elses question/topic. Let us know if you got it fixed and how or if it was just user error... :wink:
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Postby rtrev64 » 24. January 2007 05:31

novice big time here.

Thus a question..How do I test scripts on xampp? there is a mod for a phpbb room I have running but the mod is useless because of opensock issues, if I had this open then basically the mod will display live who and what is playing (music), dj etc..That is how I heard of xampp..

do I upload a phpbb messageboard to xampp and test the script?
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