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XAMPP: Wrong character set with sybase

PostPosted: 12. January 2007 17:08
by th1alb
For some reason, I am getting an iso_1 connection to a utf8 server when I try to use XAMPP and sybase_connect.

Trying to set the character set (fourth paramter) fails too.

Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Unable to update character set. in test.php on line 8

Warning: sybase_connect(): Sybase: Server message: Changed client character set setting to 'utf8'. (severity 10, procedure N/A) in test.php on line 8

I am using the Sybase Client Library version 15. It worked on 12.

Do you know how to rever to the old (correct) behaviour?

Thanks a lot.

PostPosted: 15. January 2007 12:59
by Izzy
I am not sure if your issue is related to this thread or not but it may be the Sybase renamed dll problem, which I posted a workaround for, might be worth a look see.