Session Handling PHP 5 ?

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Session Handling PHP 5 ?

Postby libertyct » 11. January 2007 13:56

my sessions wont work on php5, i have looked around the net and this seems to be a bug in php5, can anyone be of assitance? if this was discussed here before can someone point me to the link? or maybe they are some settings i can change in my installation to make sessions work?

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Postby Wiedmann » 11. January 2007 14:26

my sessions wont work on php5 ... and this seems to be a bug in php5,

I think you should better write your code is buggy ;-)

can anyone be of assitance?

Without a simple code example, which does not work for you, we can't help.
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Postby hoergen » 12. January 2007 08:36

That has nothing to do with buggy code. There is a unhappy configuration in php.ini

Change the session.save_path to something like

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session.save_path = "0;600;C:\Temp

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