Can I install Xampp?

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Can I install Xampp?

Postby fear_Angel » 09. January 2007 11:33

Hello, i have a question

I have windows 2003 server small business and i have Microsoft SQL server engime desktop install with are use 2 database with 2 programs "Primavera Software" and other i would like know if there is any problem install Xampp in windows! SQL server can crash? or some can have some other problems?

This 2 database are very very important and i don't want install xampp becase i dont know if the problems will became becase mysql and SQl are install at the same time

Can help me ? thanks :D
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Postby ntsmarkv » 09. January 2007 21:32

Thanks for your interest in Xampp, if your running IIS, no do not install xampp, if your running MSSQL IDE then go ahead and install check the ports though for the mssql db to the new xampp db: xampp uses 3306..

MSSQL uses 1433, so your fine.. but remember if you run IIS then don't install xampp. if you know you don't use it, go to:

Control Panel: Add/remove Programs on left: add/remove windows components, uncheck IIS if unchecked your not running it :P.

lemme know your progress..
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