problems in downloadign xampp

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problems in downloadign xampp

Postby asanga » 02. January 2007 11:57

Hi, first of all happy new year to all you!
I have encountered problems in domnloading XAMPP for Windows, first I tried to download the 7zip file but instead of the expected 28 Mb its size is 18 Mb; extracting the files i have this message: "path\xampp-exe is not supported archive".

I tried to download the zip file but now instead of the expected 86Mb I have a 34 Mb zip file, unzipping it (after a lot of error messages) I have a 72 Mb file (the xampp directory) where i.e. there is not the setup_xampp.bat file (and that's not the only absent file...)

After all these words (I'm sorry if too) I ask you: where is my problem? When you have downloaded your xampp files have ou encountered something like this?

Thank you for your patience and Ciao from Italy.
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Postby indy812 » 02. January 2007 19:29

that happened to me before i had to install a fresh copy of cmd promt was blockin the bat files.. so i just ran service.. restarted and it was fixed.. my first installation didnt work because i had apache already on my comp from a seperate download.. i deleted that restarted and everything works fine now
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Re: problems in downloading xampp

Postby Izzy » 02. January 2007 22:09

asanga wrote:....where is my problem?

Your problem is your browser.
It is ending the download prematurely and is a common fault with using browsers to download large files.
Try and use another browser if you have one or better still use a download manager, for example FlashGet (do a Google for links to download managers).

When you have the main file downloaded then also download the MD5 checksum by clicking on the [MD5] link next to the main file link here:
This will check that the contents are correct.

To use the MD5 checksum read the FAQ here (the links are dead in the FAQ - use copy and paste to get to the sites mentioned): ... l#checksum

To get help for the command line MD5 checksum program type at the promt in a console window - md5sum.exe --help

The md5summer.exe version uses a GUI.
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Postby asanga » 02. January 2007 22:45

Thank you very very much, your explaination is really exhaustive.

I will look for FlashGet (or another download manager) and use it to download xampp zip files.
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