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PortableXamppLiteInc - Newbie Question

Postby jaguaruk » 01. January 2007 14:21

Okay, I am new to MySQL and running Apache, up to now all I have used is IIS on Windows XP Pro SP2.

I downloaded a copy of PortableXamppLite as this sounded great if I could run Apache and MySQL on a USB stick without having to uninstall IIS off my laptop.

Qu1. So my first question; is it possible to run this portable version of Xampp on Windows XP Pro with IIS still installed?

Qu2. I have checked through the forum and wondered if anyone had every written a step-by-step guide on how to get this running?

Qu3. Up to now I have copied the install directories on to the USB stick and these are at root level. So when you now look at my USB stick I have the following folder; G:\PortableXamppLiteInc, G:\www, G:\xampplite if I run the file 'PortableXamppLite.exe' I get the XAMPP Control Panel Application up. This will let me start Apache and MySQL and these then show up as started, although the rest of the menu is in French. Is Apache and MySQL now running and do I access them?

Qu4. As with Qu3, when I try http://localhost/ it asks me for a username and password, but I believe at this stage it may be trying to access the root level of my IIS installation? because how will my laptop know to look on drive G: for the webserver rather than my default install of IIS on drive C:?

Any assistance on the above would be very welcome as being able to run Apache and MySQL on a USB stick sound extremly useful.


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Postby Izzy » 01. January 2007 23:50

Try posting your questions in this thread:

The author may be monitoring that thread where he may overlook your posts in here.

Also this is not an Apache Friends release so there is no official support in these forums.
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Postby jaguaruk » 02. January 2007 02:59

Okay, I will try what you suggest.

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