oracle connection with php

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oracle connection with php

Postby hunan » 25. August 2003 20:51

Hi friends, I don't understand german so I would be really pleased if anyone could answer my question in english or spanish...
I see that XAMPP is really useful because you don't need to configure almost anything in order to develop things with freeware software.
I'm a junior developer and I want to start to work with xampp (I'll have to learn german before :wink: )
The problem that now I'm facing is that I want to make a connection to an oracle database and despite I've configured oci8 (I can see that trough phpinfo()) when I try some oracle connection with ora_logon the web page shows me :
Call to undefined function: ora_logon()
I guess I've done that in the wrong way, I've just uncommented the line in the php.ini
and restart the apache.
Can anyone explain me what I'm doing wrong?
My OS is win NT
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Postby Oswald » 26. August 2003 10:36

Dear Hunan!

There are two ways of Oracle support in PHP: the "OCI8 extension" and the "Oracle extension".

By changing the extension-line you activated the OCI8 Oracle support. But the ora_logon() function is not a "OCI8 extension" command but a "Oracle extenstion" command.

If you want to use the ora_logon() function you've to comment out the following line in your php.ini:


But I think it's better if you don't use the "Oracle extension". The OCI8 extension is a much better choice:

Many greetings from Germany,
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