looking for people around Missouri

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looking for people around Missouri

Postby fusionjoe » 29. December 2006 01:07

I just got my XAMMP server set up this past weekend. It is my first time doing all of this, which is why I chose a test bed system instead of trying the real thing. I got it all done on an old eMachines computer similar to a Pentium I with 128 Mb of RAM. I have experience with IIS, but it was hit and miss. I got the system up and running, but enjoy the much richer experience I've had so far with XAMMP.
I'm really interested in getting to know and network with people closer to my area, in Missouri. There aren't very many people around here who even know what Linux is, let alone Apache, MySQL, or even OpenOffice. If you're interested in talking, drop me a message here.
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