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Virus Detected on Installation

PostPosted: 26. December 2006 23:42
by Shasta

Just wondering if this normal. Installed the latest version of XAMPP on my Windows machine and when I go into the control panel and try to start Apache, my virus software flags the app 'pv.exe' is a virus and refers to it as a trojan.

Is this normal, I'm unsure what the file does while running Apache, something to do with the ports or something? Using the latest version AVG Free ver. 7.5. Its actually referring to it as Dropper.Agent.amm (Malware).

Thank you.

PostPosted: 27. December 2006 00:42
by deepsurfer

PostPosted: 27. December 2006 04:37
by Shasta
Thank you deepsurfer.

I had figured since it was detected while trying to start Apache that is had something to do with the working of Apache but wanted to ask first before telling my virus software to ignore.

Appreciate the information.