Get latest released XAMPP version via script?

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Get latest released XAMPP version via script?

Postby mnemotronic » 21. December 2006 15:57

I would like to mod the main XAMPP page (index.php) on my local install to display the 'latest available version' in addition to the current installed version (essentially the contents of the "htdocs/xampp/.version" file). Can the current released ".version" file (or the info therein) be fetched from an FTP site or SOURCEFORGE? How about svn/cvs/rcs?

In another note, I've fixed some display problems in phpMyAdmin by modifying a couple files. What can I do to submit these changes for consideration?

Thanks in advance.
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Postby Kristian Marcroft » 21. December 2006 17:34


there is currently no such file only that you could compare with.
Also there is currently no SVN/CVS/SCM.

To contribute your files/fixes please use

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