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Modifying XAMPP install script

PostPosted: 21. December 2006 13:48
by linuxpunkkeri
Hi all,
I was just wondering if you can modify XAMPP install script to set specific variables to point at another directories.
The servers and configs reside in, for example something\xampp\servers\
and the data dirs (htdocs, FTP user dirs) are in something\xampp\data\
So the only the something part in the path is changing.
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Example: php.ini
include_path = ".;something\xampp\servers\include"
doc_root = "something\xampp\data\htdocs"
extension_dir = "something\xampp\servers\php\ext"

I'm not at home for some time so my internet access is quite random and I don't have my XAMPP with me.

I guess there is a simple solution to this if I just had searched harder.
Sorry if the answer is here somewhere, but I didn't find anything with a quick search.

Thanks in advance,