Configuration to Reflect a UNIX Box

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Configuration to Reflect a UNIX Box

Postby James Linguard » 21. December 2006 08:28

Hello, I want my configuration to reflect a UNIX system using:

Perl: /usr/local/bin/perl
HTTP: /usr/www/users/MySite/
Semdmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail ...etc.

Is there any requirement for the XAMPP directory to be called that...

and if not, do I need to change "setup_xampp.bat" to reflect the new directory... or anything else. This is an important time/error saving consideration.


if "%1" == "sfx" (
cd xampp

change to:


if "%1" == "sfx" (
cd new_directory

[same with service.exe]... are there any others?

... Thanks
James Linguard
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