Corrupting images...

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Corrupting images...

Postby ketamynx » 17. December 2006 20:29

Good day, I was using the Apache + PHP5 from the last version but receiving a lots of error messages in apache/log/error.log w/ lots of hangs and "semaphore timeout period expirations". So I switched to PHP4 and everything was just great.
Later I wanted to use folder size quotas, but I couldn't make it happen because I was on a FAT32 partition. So I took all the data from that partition (includind the xampp folder), NTFS formatted that partition and moved back all the data just the way it was. Everything worked just fine that day.
But after few days, all hosted images (created or resampled with GIMP) started to look like corrupted. Examples:
Some of them aren't even displayed, only an error message.
Recentlly, I ran out of disk space on the actual C:\ partition where was the pagefile and had around 84 MB left. So I thought it was that the problem. Changed also the pagefile to a safe drive and have it at around 1024MB (currently having 256MB physical memory).
But looks like the problem isn't there.

I am not quite sure why is that happening with the images. And don't know who's fault is there - Apache's, PHP's or mine? If you could give a hand in solving this problem I would be very grateful. Thank's.

Regards, @ketamynx.
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Postby Izzy » 17. December 2006 22:30

Both those image examples load in my browser (SeaMonkey) without any corruption but take forever to load. Same when I tested in IE, FireFox and Opera 9.

baneasa.jpg = 1395px x 768px = 855.57 KB
backdrop.png = 992px x 545px = 713.25 KB

This is also the case with the image k60018926.png on your main page.
k60018926.png = 969px x 776px = 77.69 KB = too big

These images are far far too big for the Internet and will take forever to load for anyone (75%) not on broadband. Also your server is trying to resize those images instead of you resizing them before using them in your html or php.

Try proportionate resizing (keep aspect ratio) your images to fit your needs not the other way round.

Most good image editors will have a facility for resizing images for the web.

Try some resizing modifications and see if that fixes your issue.

Also if you want to use these large images then consider slicing them into several smaller images.
Again most good image editors will have an image slicing facility.
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Postby ketamynx » 17. December 2006 23:21

No, I'm not attepting to publish them. It's just for local informational pourposes online (layout designs). So I don't care about the dimensions.
Regarding the problem... I kinda solved it, I don't know how. Just took Apache 1.3.33 (something like that) and installed it as a service - overwriting all files except httpd.conf. Recopied apache.exe as httpd.exe. Changed configuration - some modules, etc.

I stupid thought it will work but it didn't. So I rolled back to Apache2 and that was it. Here I have it well working. If it happens again (the problem) I shall notice. Thank you for the fast answering. :)
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