Apache eat my win memory !

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Apache eat my win memory !

Postby lemoineo » 14. December 2006 18:11

With XAMPP 1.5.5 on WINDOWS XP (PHP5.2.0)
During an ODBC request , many lines (2000 to 10000) are retreived
if i make a simple echo "-", the end of program is finish with 1 or 2 seconds and no memory problem is seen .
If the result is stored with a persistant object in a MySQL table (a sort of self-made PDO :twisted: ), the program is running during many minutes and memory of Apache process is growing and growing , 700Mo is the score today :roll:
In the function that make the insert, the object is new and before the function end, i write a __destruct ... but is'n better ... :(
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Postby Snecz » 14. December 2006 19:10

I don't know about that but I had also some problems Apache - Win XP.

Before xampp I had apache + mysql + php. And I couldn't make normal shutdown of the computer or just log out. I had to turn the power off to shut dwon the computer.
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