Help needed to make the htdocs a default start page

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Help needed to make the htdocs a default start page

Postby Scorp » 12. December 2006 22:54

Hello all forumers

Iám new here don't know much about server and its software to use it so a cople off readings on the web and i arived here.

i installed xampp to a 2e pc win2000 pro evrything is working great i uploaded my "homepage as a test "but i have to type in localhost\xampp\htdocs or from a network pc 192.***.***.***\htdocs
and that is the same from the internet ***.***.***.***\htdosc if i do not specify the htdocs my home page is hot showed it wil show only the xampp ??? how is it called "standert site" . i like to have my "homepage "that i have uploaded in the htdocs to be shown if i go to the locahost or to the network pc adres or my owen ip adres from the internet insted of specifying the htdocs.

is this possible and if so how/what to do it

thanks in advance to all helpers

Sorry for my english
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Postby Izzy » 13. December 2006 00:50

Simply replace/rename the xampp index.php with your own web site's index file in xampp\htdocs then you call it by simply using:
Instead of getting the XAMPP web site you will get the site you just replaced it with.

To get the XAMPP welcome page after you do this then call it by:

I have just given a simple explanation here: ... 1138#91138

Also try read here: ... #startpage
and the rest of the FAQ is worth reading.

And here:
The rest of this page is worh reading also.

Keep the links to these pages as a bookmark so you can refer to them when you get stuck and before posting here.
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