Changing the PHP version in XAMPP?

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Changing the PHP version in XAMPP?

Postby peterantonrev » 12. December 2006 00:33

I am working with OpenStar CMS and one of the developers said that the language module will not work with PHP 5.2 (although I apparently don't have this problem, but who knows as time goes on.) Anyway, I was wondering if there is a way to downgrade an existing XAMPP package to PHP 5.1?

And what about changing the versions of other components like Apache and Mercury Mail? Is there a procedure or utility for this? I suppose I could use older versions of XAMPP, but the new installer in 1.5.5 is so superior to the older versions. In version 1.5.4a, MySQL would not install as a Windows service. I've solved some other problems with my OpenStar installation, so maybe that's not really an issue, but I feel good about the latest installer.

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