More info on Apache needed

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More info on Apache needed

Postby Alinutza » 06. December 2006 00:33


I'm involved with a new site (called ITerating)- a wiki guide for all software (open source and commercial) and I'm working at "Website & Communication Applications" class. I added Apache 2 in the wiki guide but this is all I added so far :

Description:Apache v2 is the next generation of the omnipresent Apache web server. This version - a total rewrite - introduces many new improvements, such as threading, a new API, IPv6 support, request/response filtering, and more.

Home page link:

Belongs to Classes: Web Servers, Application Servers & Other Middleware
Web Servers

Vendor or Foundation: Apache Software Foundation

Project Administrator or Product Manager: Debian Apache Maintainers


User Groups:

Tags (keywords):

Licenses: GNU General Public License (Free GPL compatible)


Provided by owner as:

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Linux, Solaris

Packaged In:

Programming Languages: C

Programming Interfaces (API):

Graphical Interfaces (GUI):

Available languages:


This is all I added so far (still many gaps). Any suggestions anyone?
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