cannot get xampp for windows to work

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cannot get xampp for windows to work

Postby dharm11 » 02. December 2006 22:09

Hi, I am on windows millennium and have just installed xampp with installer: xampp-win32-1.5.5-installer.exe.

I had a bit of problems in installation where after extraction the bat file opened then frizzed my computer. I overcame this by restarting and then re-installing xampp. Once installation had finished I was prompted “Service installation available windows 98/me” then prompted “successful installation”.
I have the control panel working but the apache and mysql don’t seem to start up. Have I missed something? Please help

P.s. All the old apache services was deleted. Port 80 is free. I should also menTion that once control panel is startedup my mouse drags abit evry 1 second.

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Postby Izzy » 02. December 2006 23:12

I am not familiar with the Installer version as I always use the7zip version as this gives me more control over where I want to install it. I have 7Zip archive software installed on my PC so I can manually extract the files to a directory of my choice.

Did you follow the Installation instructions in the xampp\readme_en.txt file?

Another Installation method is outlined here and the rest of the page is worh reading also:

This link to the FAQ is worth a read as are other items in the FAQ: ... ml#nostart

With regard to Uninstalling then reinstalling, make sure you have stopped and uninstalled all XAMPP services - check using the Task Manager. Then make sure the xampp directory is deleted in total.

Before installing and after rebooting your PC again make sure (using the Task Manager) that no server services are running. If they are then right click on the service and 'End Process'.

Once installed and before starting any XAMPP components check that all ports are Free by running the xampp\xampp-portcheck.exe. If there are ports that are occupied then make sure you locate those programs and deactivate them. Apache and the other services need exclusive access to those ports.
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