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where is my new database via phpMyAdmin?

PostPosted: 27. November 2006 23:26
by droog01
Hi All

I've installed Xammp and have created a new mySQL database through phpMyAdmin. I have defined a local test site in htdocs (is this the right place?) and want to use Dreamweaver to connect to the new database to get it all up and running.

Trouble is I don't know where to point Dreamweaver in order to connect to the database as I don't know where phpMyAdmin puts these new databases.
Can anyone help please?

The location of the local site is as follows (except where i state XX\YY):


PostPosted: 28. November 2006 01:10
by Wiedmann
I don't know where phpMyAdmin puts these new databases.

The databases are stored in the MySQL server.

(You can't access (work with) the DBs throught the filesystem)

mySql connection with dreamweaver - how?

PostPosted: 28. November 2006 01:19
by droog01

do you know the full method of setting up a mySql connection with dreamweaver to link to my existing database?

I'm getting very close but slip at the point of selecting the database after stating mySQL server/ocalhost etc.


PostPosted: 28. November 2006 01:35
by Wiedmann
The predefined login account to MySQL you can find in the "readme_en.txt".
How does dreamweaver connect to MySQL: Though a MySQL library and TCP/IP or through ODBC?

(BTW: I don't know anything about dreamweaver. Maybe you can try the forum search.)

PostPosted: 28. November 2006 01:45
by droog01
thanks, i'll try that