Upgrade XAMPP from Version 1.5.2 to 1.5.5

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Upgrade XAMPP from Version 1.5.2 to 1.5.5

Postby =IceBurn= » 27. November 2006 17:58

Hi all!

I have XAMPP v1.5.2, how should I upgrade to the new version (1.5.5)?

I've searched but I can only find information about upgrading from the previous version (v1.5.4) to the new release.

Can someone please let me know the correct way to do this upgrade without data lost?

I have the Installer version running on windows.

Thank you in advance.
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Postby Izzy » 27. November 2006 22:53

Unfortunately there is no other way of upgrading other than to do a clean install of 1.5.5 as there is no upgrade from 1.5.2 to 1.5.5.

There were major changes to the files from the version you have to these newer versions.

To do a clean uninstall of your 1.5.2 version all you have to do is delete the xampp tree as per the xampp\readme-en.txt file.

That means you will have to delete (see Tip2 below) the old 1.5.2 XAMPP directory then do a clean fresh install of version 1.5.5.

You will need to back-up your web site files to a directory not in your current XAMPP tree then copy your web site files back into your 1.5.5 installation.

You will need to make a copy of your configuration files to a directory not in your current XAMPP tree.

Then you can edit your new version 1.5.5 configuration files and enter the changes you made in the 1.5.2 version into the 1.5.5 files.

Very important - don't overwrite the new configuration files with the your old version files. Just edit the 1.5.5 version files with the config changes you made in the 1.5.2 version files only.

Sounds a bit messy but I found it was the only way not to lose my old configuration data.

You will have to also back-up (Export) any databases you have created using phpMyAdmin then Import them into your new installation again using phpMyAdmin.

It should not take you very long to achieve this upgrade even though it looks like a major job.

If you download and use the zip archive version then you have more control of where you can install the XAMPP files.
For example instead of using the C:\Program Files directory which gives you C:\Program Files\xampp\ (some times a space in the directory name can cause problems) you can install in the C:\ directory which will give you a tree of C:\xampp\.
Also using the zip versions seems to be much easier for me to do upgrades as all I have to do is extract the new upgrade version files over the previous version files overwriting the old files when asked.

Instead of deleting the XAMPP tree just rename it to say xamppcopy or any other name you feel happy with.
This will allow you to take your time editing your configuration files. This method will also preserve your files so you can easily compare the old with the new files.
Once you are happy that your 1.5.5 installation is working as you want it to, then you can delete your version 1.5.2 files and directory tree - xamppcopy in the above example.
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Postby =IceBurn= » 28. November 2006 14:50

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation Izzy!
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