Very strange conducting of XAMPP

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Very strange conducting of XAMPP

Postby -M&N- » 25. November 2006 10:54

Hello, i tried to solve problems with FAQ, but doesnt help.
I have installed XAMPP 1.5.4a with default settings, only htdocs path is changed.

The first problem - when i start XAMPP via Control Panel, the addres http://localhost/ is reachable only from Opera browser, not IE and Firefox!!! There is only a message "Conecting to http://localhost/" at status bar. But when i try, this works fine in all browsers.

Also XAMPP has a very long latency, but script generates page in approx 0.03sec (same page sometimes 0.07 and sometimes 0.004).

And i have problem with output buffering to! All output content betwen ob_start() and echo ob_get_contents(); is sent twice - first when echo-ing in script and s then when echo-ing output buffer.

Maybe biggest mystery is, that $_POST and $_GET arrays contains SOMETIMES only SOME values when XAMPP starts via Control Panel. That means, when i send form with inputs, their values are on target page sometimes available and sometimes not (when pressing F5 it is sometimes echoed, sometimes not). And short values are never accepted. But when i start xampp through xampp_start.exe, P and G works fine.

I tried to reinstall at least 3 times, but dont work. I have WinXP 64bit version - can be problem here? On my old machine with old version of Xampp (Control Panel wasnt available in it) all worked fine.

PS. Sorry for my english, im beginner :oops:.
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