Guild Server? With Mail?

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Guild Server? With Mail?

Postby Krispy101 » 20. November 2006 20:10

Hey, Sorry to have such a difficult first post, but I was just wondering if you guys could help..

I am making a guild website for World of Warcraft..

And I would like the owner, and a couple of other people to have their own e-mails

The site's address is:

It is through a Dynamic DNS, to my XAMPP Server.

I would like to be able to make some e-mail addresses.. Like,..

Etc, would this be possible? If not, any other alternatives?

Also, is there something I can install on my server.. so they can just go to

type in their e-mail address and password.. then access it?

Thanks, in Anticipation, Kris :D
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Postby WorldDrknss » 21. November 2006 15:45

In this tutorial we will show you how to configure mercurymail so that you can receive and send emails from your website.
Lets begin:
Open up MercuryMail and click on configuration and then go to Protocal Modules here we will only check the protocals that we need. The following should only be check:
-MercuryS SMTP Server
-MercuryP POP3 Server
-MercuryC SMTP relaying client
-MercuryD distributing POP3 client
-MecuryI IMAP4rev1 Server
Restart MercuryMail
Once back in mercurymail click on configuration and then go to MercuryC SMTP client and fill in the following information.
Smart host name: <-your isp smtp server should go here, if you do not know it you can use the services from
Username: isp username or other mail service username
Password: isp password or other mail service password
then click on save once you have those fields conpleted.
Click on configuration and go to Mercury core module and click on the Local domains tab, then click on add new domain, then add your domain to both the boxes and click on. Next we will add which users will have an email account on your server and to do this click on configuration then go to Manage local users here you can edit, delete, or add users.

Video Tutorial: ... ercuryMail


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