MYSQL not working

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MYSQL not working

Postby JJohnsenDK » 15. November 2006 16:08


I installed your great great program, but the mysql application wont work. I get this error:

ERROR: MYSQL service not started [-1]

Hope someone can help me with my problem.
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Postby underdone » 15. November 2006 23:13

More information please, what did you run/change when this problem started, and post a copy of the error logs.
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Postby JJohnsenDK » 17. November 2006 10:53

Well i didnt change anything. I install the program and tried to use it, but MySQL did'nt work. The only error i get is the error i posted above. Apache and PHP i running perfectly, where i can press start and stop. But when i press start on MySQL it writes the error i wrote above. Maybe i should try to change the port? how do i do that if its nessysaty?

*Update* I used the check port function i XAMPP and it says that all ports are free also the MySQL port.
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Postby Izzy » 17. November 2006 11:27

Try http://localhost/
In the left menu click on Status and see what is Activated

You have to imagine that we are not sat in front of your computer.
So you have to tell us everything you see and everything you have tried.
We have no way of knowing what's happening unless you tell us.

Look in the mysql error log just after you have tried to start it and see if there are any clues:

Drag the file into your text editor (notepad) and see what it tells you.
It might provide a clue why it is not starting.

Are you using the XAMPP Control Panel to start the components?

Try starting mySQL using the xampp\mysql_start.bat and see what the message returned is.
If you can't understand it paste it here what you see in the command console window.
Click on the little icon top left of the console window for a drop menu of Edit commands.
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Postby JJohnsenDK » 17. November 2006 13:37

First i most say, thank you very much for a very detailed and helping post you wrote, Thanks!

Second, i started MySql from mysql_start in Xampp and that is working, but only with the prompt window open thats a bit ignoring, can i change that? Also when i use XAMPP Control Panel MySql isnt set at turned on, why? Because MySql is working fine and in the status menu at http://localhost/xampp/index.php MySql says active too. Why doesnt XAMPP Control Panel show the active status then?

Third, and finally, im not sure you guys are the right lades to ask, but you seem clever so here it goes anyway :wink: . I can go to http://localhost/ and see my htdocs dir, no sciens in that. But when i try to access it via my ip (so friends and ohters can see my work), the ip is just an example, i cant access anything. Could this be because im behind a router or what could the problem be?
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