Short PHP content length

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Short PHP content length

Postby akc » 14. November 2006 22:58

I had been using an old LAMP distribution, mainly to administer MySQL databases for my Perl projects. Recently I started using XAMPP, but an older version (1.4.11) installed a while ago.


I've had trouble exporting my data from phpmyadmin due to prematurely cutoff content. I can see the content-length header is invariably 1852. I can't tell if this problem is related to phpmyadmin, PHP configuration, Apache config, or a combo.

I've spent more than an hour looking around for answers but haven't gotten anywhere. I haven't tried to upgrade to the latest XAMPP, mainly because I am not sure how best to upgrade without data loss. (Unfortunately I am in the middle of a critical project and don't want to experiment too much.)

Any advice is appreciated.

Keywords: partial/prematurely terminated php output
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Postby Izzy » 15. November 2006 00:25

Not sure if this will help but experiment with the max_allowed_packet= size in this section of my.cnf and/or my.ini file.

Save and restart mySQL.
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Postby akc » 16. November 2006 07:34

Thanks for the tip. As it turned out (and after some reading, including, I installed the latest XAMPP, keeping the early ZIP version separately. Interestingly, out of the box the same problem persisted, so it's probably related to phpMyAdmin. There are a few workarounds/alternatives for now (mysqldump, export as zip), so it's not too bad.
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