Security and production environment (Windows 2003)

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Security and production environment (Windows 2003)

Postby Bengt » 10. November 2006 09:37

It says in the documentation:

"The default configuration is not good from a securtiy point of view and it's not secure enough for a production environment - please don't use XAMPP in such environment."

And also:
"XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for developers in a development environment"

But if I follow the the instructions under "A matter of security (A MUST READ!)", is it still not secure for a production environment? Is it then better to install everything manually and not use XAMPP at all? Can't a XAMPP installation be as secure as a manual installation of Apache, MySql, Perl etc if I just follow AF:s instructions and the instructions from the developers behind Apache, MySQL etc?

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