New User...Need Help

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New User...Need Help

Postby bella6536 » 07. November 2006 17:32

:lol: Hi Every One
I am very new to using Apache so my questions may seem silly but here is my problem.
I have apache/xampp installed on my main computer and use dreamweaver for editing. I beleive my site definition in dreamweaver is set up properly as I can view my web page fine on local host but not sure how to set up testing server and remote host ftp ect so that my site is uploaded to internet. I have purchased a registered domain name also. Dreamweaver has built in ftp but not sure what to put in for the "FTP host name and login & password...therefore; not able to connect. The only thing I am trying to do is get my site uploaded to internet...Please Help..Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
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Postby nimd4 » 07. November 2006 22:46

Why not also use an FTP program to upload?.. is free :)

FTP host name and login & password - can be either what you registered with (The host should be your domain name usually - right?..) or if you have cPanel or similar, you might need to create an FTP account first to be able to connect through it.

You could ask support from your domain company, or get in touch with me through PM or something, perhaps eye can take a look & try to help you out .. Hope it (^ this above, above) helps ..
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Postby nimd4 » 10. November 2006 02:58

Sorz for not answering earlier (tons of email) .. I was kind of hasty in my post .. Basically I don't understand what's going on hehe :)

You have:

1. (Apache) XAMPP on localhost for testing.

2. Dreamweaver edits your local files, right?..

3. You want to have the site mirrored on your host, online?

What totally confused me is that in your PM you said that your Hosting provider (not to be confused with your internet provider :)) said that you have to set up FTP in Apache ..

What kind of access do you have to your online space, is it Linux, is it cPanel?.. If you'd like, you can forward me the details and I can work out how to connect to it. Not sure if that can be helpful to you?..

Otherwise the FTP details should be simple:

FTP Adress:
FTP Login: username you selected (cPanel username)
FTP Pass: should have been given to you by the hosting provider?

^ Is that any better? :D
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