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Problems with WinMySQLAdmin?

PostPosted: 30. October 2006 23:01
by Xplorer
Hi, everybody! (Sorry for not using German, I just don't know your language)

I have recently installed XAMPP on Windows XP, using the file xampp-win32-1.5.4a-installer.exe. The installation went smoothly. I installed into C:\.

But then I wanted to run WinMySQLAdmin which comes in the package - and it did NOT show any Mysql databases. I tried just "mysql" from the command prompt and the databases were there. I downloaded and installed the Mysql GUI Tools from and installed them - the databases could also be found. So everything except the WinMySQLAdmin worked!

My questions are:
    * should I have done something more AFTER the installation in order to get the WinMySQLAdmin running?
    * Isn't WinMySQLAdmin obsoleted or almost obsoleted nowadays?

Thanks for your patience, guys!