Wierd little 'bug'?

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Wierd little 'bug'?

Postby Gerbilkit » 30. October 2006 16:38

Well I have gotten my XAMPP installation running finally, not super easy as it was difficult to get it past blocked ports and old installations but it's running now.

What is weird though is that in C:/ I have a folder 'xampp' with all my stuff in it, and then within that there is another xampp folder with the exact same stuff. I tried to delete this extra one but it would not let me, and it using the htdocs folder in that one. Problem is also complicated because trying to access any file other than the XAMPP splash page is giving me a "Server Error".

Any ideas or solutions?
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Postby Izzy » 30. October 2006 22:51

You need to stop all XAMPP components that are running - Apache, MySQL, FileZilla and Mercury Mail etc.
Check that they are not running by looking in the Task Manager:
Right click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab.
Look for 2 instances of apache.exe
Look for mysqld.exe or mysqld-nt.exe
Look for FileZillaserver.exe
Look for mercury.exe

If you see any of the above then right click on them and select End Process then click on Yes in the next popup.

Check again that non of the above are running then you should be able to delete all your XAMPP directories.
Not always needed but a reboot may be worth doing at this point.
Now you should be able to reinstall to your C:\ directory again.

Worth a read:
http://community.apachefriends.org/f/viewtopi ... 7986#87986

Good luck with it.
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