how to access a database in a xampp install

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how to access a database in a xampp install

Postby fireslug » 29. October 2006 17:29

arrrrgh, can anyone help by telling me how to access a new database created in xampp?

I have installed xampp successfully. Everything seems to work fine. So, of course, I start trying stuff out. I can access the sample DB's, and thought, lets create my own db.

The new db, named weekly, reside in the mysql/data folder, along with the other databases that came with the xampp install. but despite my every effort and 3 months of trying, I still have not figured out how to access the weekly database. Can anyone help?
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Postby raptorrage » 30. October 2006 07:21

Not sure exactly what you mean do you mean your trying to access the myphpadmin interface for the database. So you can make adjustments to the DB or are you trying to get a forum/website to access one of your DB's

To access myphpadmin http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ or you can access it from xampp status page http://localhost/xampp/
If the site isn't located locally replace localhost with the IP or domain name

If its a site that need to access the database for it work properly
usually located in a config.php for your site
Code: Select all
$cfg["db_type"] = "mysql";       // mysql, postgres7 view adodb/drivers/
$cfg["db_host"] = "localhost";   // DB host computer name or IP
$cfg["db_name"] = "yourdatabase"; // Name of the Database
$cfg["db_user"] = "usernamet";        // username for your MySQL database
$cfg["db_pass"] = "password";    // password for database
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