Need some advice ASAP

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Need some advice ASAP

Postby wvcaudill2 » 24. October 2006 01:56

hello, I have been a fan on XAMPP for a long time, but I have a problem now which I think XAMPP can solve. I have a website hosted on a company's server, but im running out of space and bandwidth, but dont want to pay any more money. I was wondering, would it be wise to set my XAMPP up for a small home server for some extra space and bandwidth. My site only gets 300 to 400 unique visitors a day.

My main problem with this is security. I always here about sites getting hacked, and I will be in major trouble if my computer and site get hacked. Is there some way i can prevent hacking?

My computer is an Hp Pavilian a510n. my operating system is Windows XP Home Edition. Is this safe? how can I setup my computer and firewall to help with security?

Also, could my computer handle the traffic without taking up too much spave and bandwidth? Would it slow the other computers in my house connected wirelessly to my router?

Please answer my questions ASAP.

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