Portable XAMPP Lite? (Without Fluff?)

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Portable XAMPP Lite? (Without Fluff?)

Postby BenMcLean » 23. October 2006 19:21

OK so um, I found out about XAMPP Lite from http://portableapps.com/apps/development/xampp and um, it works really great except for one thing: it's too big.

I'm running it off a USB stick - and XAMPP Lite works really well as a portable app already - but I also want to use my USB stick for other things. (like, for example, Portable FireFox to view the pages I'm serving with XAMPP Lite in)

It's a 119MB drive and XAMPP Lite + MediaWiki takes up 116MB. So I've only got 3MB left. The obvious solution is to buy a bigger flash drive.

But I really think even if I did that, I'd want the program to be as small as possible, and I think it would reduce the size a great deal if we eliminated most of the images by replacing all the logos and icons and related junk with text. Also that would probably help blind people out too.

So, I suggest making another XAMPP distro called "Portable XAMPP Lite" that is basically XAMPP Lite without the fluff - that'd be great if somebody could make it.

I'd do it myself, except I'm not really familiar with the inner workings of phpmyadmin and all. I'm pretty sure they could be made to work without using images though couldn't they?
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