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PostPosted: 07. October 2006 07:35
by anwoke8204
done, have a home page in onebyte now, should show a similar rat in maze, have been doing alot of work on subdomains for the sites, so the home pages aren't much.

PostPosted: 07. October 2006 18:58
by anwoke8204
anyone know how to fix this? I need to get it fixed.

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 04:33
by anwoke8204
I wan't to be able to use virtual hosts, but I also need to be able to access my webpages from my own computer, and right now I can only access 1 of the 3. any help would be great.

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 05:14
by Izzy
Did you read this as it might give you some ideas you could try?

I am fairly sure it may be something in the configuration of your network now as it would appear your virtualhost setup is working. My guess is that when you try from your own PC that your are served the first domain in the vhosts which is always the default. Have a look at the two types of virtual hosts - IP-based and name-based. That might be the clue.

You have to ask the question how can Apache send you to the other 2 domains if Apache knows not how to do that using just the one IP?

What addresses are you typing in your browser on your PC to get to the domains locally?

It can be done by using different local IPs for each domain I believe. You need to try and experiment a bit.

Remember that the bulk of the virual host container configs are correct as they are available from the internet.

You can add more containers with local IPs each with their coresponding domain. As I have said before I can't replicate this as I dont have a network as such. You will have to experiment but leave the containers intact that are accessible from the Internet. Just work on your local access, perhaps in different virtual containers.

I was editing my post when you were composing your reply. So there is a bit more to read. :)

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 05:59
by anwoke8204
will read through those again, I use to have to use the local ip address(server ip address) of folder here) to access the site, but now when I just type in it takes me to the first site in the virtual host list, will see if there is anything in there about multiple sites on 1 ip address, as I only have one network card in my server at the moment.

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 07:52
by anwoke8204
I just found out that I can access the subdomains/folders on my sites ie. and any of the sub folders, but I can't view/access any of the home pages. any idea as to why?

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 08:02
by Izzy
All 3 look OK from here including

PostPosted: 09. October 2006 23:11
by anwoke8204
right, the phpbb is one of the sub domains, but I can't see the home pages( my under construction pages that you see with the links and the mouse in the maze)

PostPosted: 10. October 2006 01:06
by Izzy
Izzy wrote:All 3 look OK from here including

Perhaps this was not made too clear for you.

From my browser these are what I see when I type the addresses in the address bar and hit Go: - displays your home pages. - displays your phpbb board. - displays your home page. - displays your home page.

Try and find a free proxy program so you can go through a proxy server to your web sites instead of trying to go there through your ISP. This will allow you to see your sites as others do.

PostPosted: 10. October 2006 01:57
by anwoke8204
actually for some reason, I havent done anything, but I can now access the homepages. not sure what happened, but cool, I couldn't see the home pages, but eveyone could, but somehow it fixed itself, so cool