cannot access localhost

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cannot access localhost

Postby 7aken » 03. October 2006 09:00

so i cant access localhost, ive installed apache and mysql as services. when watching whats happening during starup, im using netsat -noa and task manager and i can see two instances of apache, i'll explain

netstat -noa shows

local address state pid listening 3960 close_wait 3960 listening 3960 close_wait 3960

taskmanager shows the pid 3960 as being apache.exe but it doesnt seem to be using any cpu resources but is using 19,232k memory

at the same time, there is another instance of apache.exe opened in taskmanager with pid 3384 (this doesnt show with netstat -noa) and this one is using 90-98% cpu resources and 21,156k memory usage.

what the bejaysus is going on? :?:
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Postby Wiedmann » 03. October 2006 12:33

and this one is using 90-98% cpu resources

Look into the "XAMPP for Windows FAQ" about this issue.
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