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Session Not Remembered

Postby emb1 » 01. October 2006 08:21

I have a problem with a new local installation of XAMPP 1.5.4 on a Windoows XP machine - sessions are not working.

What happens is that every time a page that uses a session variable on localhost is reloaded, a new PHPSESSID cookie file is created in /tmp, thus making it impossible to read $_SESSION variables set in the previous pages.

I noticed there are quite a few people on this forum with similar problem, but I didn't find any solutions or answers explaining the problem.

Has anyone figured what's going on with these sessions?

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Postby hoergen » 12. January 2007 08:40

That has nothing to do with buggy code. There is a unhappy configuration in php.ini

Change the session.save_path to something like

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session.save_path = "0;600;C:\Temp

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