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PostPosted: 30. September 2006 04:08
by anwoke8204
Hi, I was wondering how I set up xampp so when I view my site from my side of the server I don't have to keep on changing my url from to the server ip address. do I do this in the virtual hosts or how do I set this up?

PostPosted: 30. September 2006 04:24
by Izzy
More details please on how you have it currently set up in httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf.

Do you have a dynamic or a fixed IP?

If a dynamic, do you notify no-ip automagically of the changed IP when ever it changes?

It would need you to give a lot more detail if you want what you are asking for otherwise, only a guess could be attempted.

Have you done a forum search as there is a stack of info on virtual host configurations - but beware of third party generators and help files, they can be over complex and misleading IMHO.

PostPosted: 30. September 2006 04:44
by anwoke8204
well first I am dynamic, but what I wan't to find out is do I need to set up a virtual host so the computers on my network can see the sites on the server as we are on this side of the modem?