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Images not displaying in Firefox. They work in IE and Opera

PostPosted: 30. September 2006 03:48
by whelanska
I've been using XAMPP for some time now, but recently all the images in the 'htdocs' folder stopped appearing on my websites in Firefox. They show up in IE and Opera, but not in Firefox. I didn't mess with XAMPP, and I even reinstalled Firefox, but for some reason, whenever I'm in 'localhost', Firefox won't display any images in the browser. Anyone had this problem before? I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Matt Whelan

PostPosted: 30. September 2006 04:06
by Izzy
Have you been through your FireFox configurations to check for any changes?

Do you use AdBlocker that may have blocked your images? Check the Adblock list of blocks already.

Under Option- Content - Images are there any restrictions in place here?

I have FireFox as well as other browser's mentioned and from the Internet your site works but I guess that is because you are using a commercial hosting provider.

It's a really weird issue and must be related only within FireFox somewhere.

Unless you did a clean uninstall of FireFox by removing all directories including profiles then a reinstall or upgrade still uses your old profile settings.

You will need to look in the config file.
Type this in your browser's address bar:

Not much help I'm afraid but I hope it has given you some ideas and things to check. It will make you a regular FireFox Shirlock Holmes. :)
Good Luck.

PostPosted: 30. September 2006 04:43
by whelanska
Solved! I did a clean uninstall, including DELETING THE PROFILES, and it works now. I use the developer extension in Firefox, so I have a feeling that this somehow messed things up. Thanks for the advice, and the really quick response. Much appreciated.