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phpmyadmin or similar control panel to apache websites

PostPosted: 28. September 2006 23:49
by stickypt

What control panel similar to phpmyadmin (does to mysql) do you recommend to use with latest xamp release for windows to manage apache websites settings. I would like to manage my websites thru a control panel instead of editing apache conf file manually... (for a linux box I used to install webmin, wich has a module for it). I would appreciate friendly interface.


PostPosted: 29. September 2006 02:48
by Izzy
There are a couple of free panels I know of that appear to be hosting orientated but have more than hosting control functions and worth an install to test if it suits your needs:

Google is your friend: ... httpd.conf

or various combinations of key words.

Don't forget in version 2+ of Apache there are more than 1 .conf file to contend with:
xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf the master .conf file
xampp\apache\conf\extra\various.conf files referrenced from within the master httpd.conf file.