memory leak in control panel - developers read

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memory leak in control panel - developers read

Postby dimchopicha2003 » 28. September 2006 23:14

i want to report a memory leak
i am pretty sure it is in the control panel
i have 2 gb ram
and randomly it happend to be used 1.8gb
only when the xampp is running
when i try to open any program it says not enough resourses
and after that i reciev an access violation in pv.exe
dont know what is this process it is not listed in task manager
and when i have 1,8gb ram used i open the process list and there everything is normal
this was with 1.5.3a and with 1.5.4 also
and yesterday i wasn't running the apache server nor the mysql server - only the xampp control panel was running and this memory leak happend again
i tried to free memory with ram free programs with no success
I know the control panel is from another developer but can you try to fix it/
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Postby Izzy » 28. September 2006 23:35

The developers, who frequent these forums everyday, would have seen this topic many times before. They either choose to ignore the posts by not responding or they perhaps don't find it an XAMPP issue. I personally believe it is one of those darned Windows Annoyances that pop up from time to time. One that you have to know how to fix temporarily rather than trying to find a difinitive cure of which, quite often, there is none available.

Seems that with Windows you get an updated version or service pack which cures some Annoyances but introduces a whole bunch of new and different ones. It's been going on since MSDOS.

Anyhow, there is a post that covers this issue and you will also find a link to info relating to pv.exe: ... .html#kill

My own fix when this happens is to just close/exit the XAMPP Control Panel and restart it when you need it.
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Postby dimchopicha2003 » 29. September 2006 15:52

Thanks for the links. I am glad that I am not alone in this annoying problem.

When this happens to me my only option is to restart pc with the reset button. I can't run any program, task manager don't want to start at all; if i am lucky to start it only shows 1,8gb ram used and nothing in the process list, i mean nothing strange, pv.exe is not there and all the normal process listed have a normal memory usege, and pc don't want to restrat using start menu->turn off computer->restart.

From the posts I read it seems that if I start cp start the apache server and mysql server and then exit cp, and when I need just start it again stop the apache and mysql servers and exit cp again I should be ok, is that right?!? or just start and stop the processes from their *.bat files in the xampp directory.
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